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Ask and you shall receive …

Guest Blog from Karena DeSouza - Have you ever needed something, but didn’t know who to ask, or where to begin, to get that information? With six degrees of separation, the prize could be lurking even closer than you know! At the inaugural HAPPEN @ Night event in Mississauga, on Wednesday April 9, 2014 that message came across loud and […]

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Career Management through Professional Connections

The work landscape is ever evolving and changing. Working professionals are afraid of losing their jobs. We are faced with headlines and articles like this one, “Innovation, Optimism and Jobs” from the New York Times that technology is great and not so great, creating jobs, disrupting jobs and wiping out the middle-class. Joe Nocera, in […]

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Job Search and Sources of Hire

LinkedIn, Referrals, Social Recruiting and Job Boards Effectiveness How important is LinkedIn, other social networks, referrals, and company career web pages to your successful job search and how dismal are job boards? The “New 2013 Social Recruiting Survey” by Jobvite as well as CarreerXRoads 2013 Source of Hire survey strongly supports the job search advice […]

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