School to Work Job Search Boot Camp for New Graduates

Confused, intimidated not sure where to start or what to do?
The Panic Free Job Search Boot Camp for new graduates will give you the steps you need to land your first career job.

Many new graduates are excited about their future and want to land a great job. Unfortunately, getting a great job is not easy. From planning and scoping all the way through to creating a resume and promoting on LinkedIn requires many steps.
That’s why we’ve put together School to Work: Job Search Boot Camp for New Graduates.

When you register you’ll be on your way to a new job:

New Grads   Step by step: A proven step by step system you can apply to land your first job
New Grads   
Top Employers: What top employers look for in new hires

New Grads   No experience block: Getting through the “No Experience” block

Here’s a quick look at what we will be covering during the one day workshop:

New Grads   1. Getting interviews: What to do to get employers to respond to your resumes
New Grads   2. LinkedIn and Social Media: What to do with LinkedIn and Social Media
New Grads   3. Resumes: Making resumes work for youfrom keyword phrases to context
New Grads   4. Cover letters: SMARTSearch cover letters that get results
New Grads   5. Applicant to Candidate: How to stand-out and get selected
New Grads   6. Follow-up coaching to fine tune your search

Register today and get the information you need to start making money and get hired in a great job – limited spots available – on a first come basis.

May 10, 2014 University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario – No seats available


As a new graduate, the job search is a whole new animal. You come to realize how daunting and often fruitless the “electronic job hunt” really is, but that’s all you know. It’s a strange sensation to emerge from one of the most successful times of your life, feeling like you have so much to give, and yet finding yourself in a rut without the tools to get out. That’s where Paul comes in; he introduces you to a whole new job search approach. It’s directed, it’s aggressive and most importantly it boasts a lot of promise. This is not about your resume; it’s about what you want, what you have to offer and how to make that seen by those who can actually employ you. We highly recommend The Panic Free Job Search Program to new graduates…Katya Vlassov and Dasha Vlassov, Queens University graduates and Molecular Medicine graduates from Upsalla University now Supply Center Sales Specialist at Life Technologies and Technical Applications Specialist, Diagnostics at Luminex Corporation.


Mr. Paul is a mentor; who has given me something really valuable contribution for a lifetime which is not limited to “Just getting Hired “. Mr. Hill showed me as a new grad and also new to Canada how to get hired and I landed a new job quickly. He also gave me the tools I can use for a lifetime. I highly recommend you seek out Paul to get a new job quickly even if you are new to Canada or a New Grad he will help you get hired….Rahul Mehta, New Graduate Mohawk College now Customer Service Representative at TD.


After graduation I was unemployed for several months, I had lost all my hope in getting a job in my field. I signed up for the Ultimate Job Search Boot Camp, it was full of information and techniques, believe me it works! I got continuous support from Navgeet and Paul after the boot camp and they kept me accountable on my job search activity on daily basis. Bottom line is Navgeet Bajaj and Paul Hill who is also author of Panic Free Job search book, have proven invaluable in getting me hired. They are great career coaches and new graduates like me, you must attend the boot camp. Thank you Navgeet and Paul…Milindkumar Shah, New Graduate Mohawk College now Quality Control Analyst at Germiphene Corporation.


I had the pleasure of taking Paul Hill’s boot camp. His techniques and knowledge are astounding. However, what set Paul apart was his passion for you. He genuinely wants you to succeed and will go the extra mile to get you hired! I definitely recommend the program…Daniel Gruda, New Graduate Brock University now Financial Reporting Analyst at First Ontario Credit Union.


“I attended Paul’s BOOT CAMP in September 2012. His program is exceptional. Everyone tells you to “NETWORK” but no one tells you HOW. Not only do you learn the “HOW, but you learn the “WHY”. Paul has taken all his years of experience and knowledge as an executive recruiter and reveals the inside scoop of how to network, get to the decision makers (rather than HR) and GET HIRED. I vouch for the fact that it is an exceptional program for experienced professionals as well as new graduates. To all parents of recent graduates. THIS BOOT CAMP IS THE BEST GIFT YOU COULD EVER GIVE YOUR CHILDREN. YOU HAVE ALREADY INVESTED IN THEIR FUTURE, NOW YOU CAN GIVE THEM THE SKILLS AND OPPORTUNITY TO START THE CAREER THEY HAVE WORKED SO HARD FOR.”…Susan Greenberg, parent of New Graduate.


Landing a job for recent graduates is very difficult. I watched my son struggle before he met Paul Hill, and attended his job search Boot camp. I saw an immediate shift in motivation after attending the boot camp. Paul provided him with a plan which was not the usual thing of applying to jobs, in fact he discouraged applying to jobs. He got him out from behind his computer and networking with decision makers which led to a number of interviews. All these meetings built his confidence and sharpened his interview and conversation skills. Danny read Paul’s book The Panic Free Job Search, which he said was excellent and used it as a reference in his job search. It is an A to Z of updated information on the new job search. It was not uncommon for companies to conduct over 5 interviews with him for one position, a draining and long process. Throughout his job search Paul was relentless in contacting Danny and coaching him and keeping him focused on his goal and Danny I am proud to say landed a job in his field of accounting. I would highly recommend Paul Hill and Paul Hill’s job search boot camp to everyone that is seeking a new job….Edith G, parent of New Graduate. 

May 10, 2014 University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario – No seats available