Paul Hill

Paul Hill is a job search pioneer who has spearheaded projects recognized by industry as groundbreaking in the areas of job search, social networking and professional branding.

He is a career management professional, job search trainer and author of the bestselling book The Panic Free Job Search. His work has appeared in major media outlets, including CBC, ABC, CTV and Globe and Mail.

Paul delivers professional development and career training for professional associations, including the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE), The American Society of Quality (ASQ), and the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario (CPAO). He is the principal of Transition to Hired where he helps professionals in transition land new employment through his retained Private Client Services practice.

To find out more about his programs and services call: 1-832-953-8737.

Navgeet BajajĀ 

Navgeet is an accomplished scientist who made her mark in Bioanalytical Chemistry. After undergoing a career set back through a surprise lay-off she applied the best practices in job search developed by Paul Hill and landed a great job which culminated in a life long ambition of getting her name in the esteemed scientific publication Nature.

The angst she felt during that last job search compelled her to leave her job after a year and share her personal journey with other displaced professionals. She co-founded Transition to Hired and now coaches and supports professionals such as Scientists, Engineers, and C- level executives on how to adjust quickly to downsizing and get their careers back on track.

Navgeet holds a Masters in Biochemistry and a Masters in Health Care Administration with major in Human Resources.

To contact Navgeet call 1-832-610-1609. Connect with her on LinkedInĀ 

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