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If you are employed you may want to reread this article and take action

Warning: If you are unemployed you may NOT want to read this article.

Recently I was a panelist on a TV show dedicated to helping people with career issues.  One of the interesting comments that came up from my co-panelist, a Director of Human Resources and recruitment for a large University, was the fact they were receiving approximately 300-500 resumes for every job posted. That means an applicant has between a 0.20% and 0.33% or if we take the average of 400 applicants, a 0.25% chance of getting a job at this University when applying to a posted job. But wait not so fast, those chances are actually inflated. It is much less when you add this information to the mix; according to the Director of HR, “Like everyone else we want the best talent” and therefore “the University’s recruitment team spends a large proportion of time on LinkedIn searching for the best talent” and approaching the best talent (now viewed as candidates) to evaluate if they are interested in changing positions.  What does that mean for those original 400 applicants?

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Paul Hill –
Many experts say “if you are not on LinkedIn you don’t exist as a professional.” I say if you are on LinkedIn you still may not exist if you don’t have an optimized profile.

For all intent and purposes, not having an optimized profile is the same as not having a profile on LinkedIn; you won’t be found and if you are found you will not hold the viewers’ attention and if you hold their attention you won’t call them to the right action, which is probably contacting you about a job for most of you reading this article.

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Based on the principles of Napoleon Hill from his book Think and Grow Rich, a Mastermind group can help you get through the challenges of a job search or the obstacles to stepping-up in your career.

How a job search and career mastermind can help you?

A group of professionals meet at least once a month to discuss individual challenges, problems, and obstacles with members of the group in order to find solutions. The group members count on each other for input, advice, and expertise. They share their network and close connections with each other. Continue Reading →

If you are reading this you are probably coming to the realisation that sending out another resume is just not going to get you the job you want. You are probably creeping into long term unemployment, classified as 26+ weeks without work, or you are already well entrenched in it. For you playing the resume lottery is probably not going to work, don’t give up on it just yet. However you need to supplement your resume send-out efforts with a new tactic. Continue Reading →

LinkedIn, Referrals, Social Recruiting and Job Boards Effectiveness

How important is LinkedIn, other social networks, referrals, and company career web pages to your successful job search and how dismal are job boards?

The “New 2013 Social Recruiting Survey” by Jobvite as well as CarreerXRoads 2013 Source of Hire survey strongly supports the job search advice from Transition to Hired: network, get referrals, get insiders to refer you, have a social presence online that boosts your professional image, focus on LinkedIn, and if applying to jobs apply through the employers’ career pages and forget the job boards. Continue Reading →

How to change the conversation with yourself, take action and get hired?

In my work as a job search trainer I see first-hand how people come up with reason after reason to justify their passive approach to job search, which usually is characterized by sending out resume after resume and hoping their resume is the one that gets picked rather than taking an active approach to uncovering hidden jobs through networking and direct target marketing. Continue Reading →

Throughout my career I have often been asked “How do I get into the consulting game and land that first contract?”

I always begin by answering, “You need to first understand what type of consultant you are or want to be.”

Over my 25 years in the job search industry, I have come to the conclusion that there are three types of consultants or temporary brains for hire: 
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When you think of beginning a job search you probably also think of preparing a great resume. At some point in the job search process, regardless of your job search tactic, networking, targeted marketing, or applying to jobs online, you will need to provide a resume.

Almost always, when you submit a resume online to an employer, your resume must first make it through a computer screen before it makes it to a human screener. Continue Reading →