Consulting or contracting can be a very lucrative way of making a living if you treat your practice as a business. In Part I of this two part series I shared with you the importance of being a business owner and not a Wannabe Consultant. Let’s examine what you need to do to make sure your practice runs like a business and your pipeline is full of contracts in order to avoid long stretches of unemployment.
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Long term unemployment can wreak havoc on one’s finances. I met with Paul Hill, author of The Panic Free Job Search and we talked about the effects of long-term unemployment and how to break out of its grasp and get re-hired quickly.

Over reliance on your resume may be hurting your job prospects. For many who find themselves in a long-term unemployment situation, Hill suggests getting out from behind your computer and meeting people who can help you land a job.  Continue Reading →

The Panic Free Job Search will help you to be irresistible to employers.

Want to have financial security and never, ever have to do a traditional job search again?

The Panic Free Job Search: Unleash the Power of the Web and Social Networking to Get Hired is about creating an irresistible offer that employers are attracted to and are compelled to act on.

Forget about focusing on getting your foot in the door …When you unleash the power of the web and social networking to promote your career you open up the “world” of employers and bring them to your door step. Continue Reading

I am often asked: “Why should I attend a job search boot camp or get help from a job search expert?” The quick answer of course is because it works and if you could get hired in a great job on your own you would have done it by now. It usually takes about 3 months before the typical job seeker realizes that playing the “job application online lottery” and dabbling with networking without a plan and hoping for the LinkedIn job fairy to appear and save the day – just does not work. Oh yes sure – you are getting interviews – but are you closing the deal!
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There is a lot of debate about the death of the resume. Many pundits have declared the resume dead because of the advent of sites like LinkedIn and Most cite LinkedIn as “the proof” that the resume is no longer needed as a job hunter’s tool. Before you throw your last shovel of dirt on the concept of the resume consider that LinkedIn does not consider the resume dead, in fact, if you are seeking a job at LinkedIn, this option is available to you: Continue Reading →

Losing a “career job” often leads to unemployment stress and getting off track.

Quit fooling around, get off your butt and get a job! Advice that is easy to give to the unemployed, sure if you are sitting pretty and you are employed.  For the individual that is fired or loses a “career job” the event can have a devastating effect, especially for a professional with a long track record with the same employer. There is often a feeling of betrayal carried towards the ex-employer especially for those who are loyal and devoted career professionals.

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Bombarded by newscasts, newspaper articles, tweets, posts, and friendly chatter about unemployment as well as underemployment running high for many professionals and throw in a backdrop of civil unrest and countries going bankrupt; employees should take pause to consider if they have prepared for potential job loss.

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TIME was that being downsized or right sized or laid off or fired was a call to action.

It was a time to fire up the old resume, do a little updating and start banging on doors, looking for a new job.

That was then, this is now, and today if you start updating your resume on the day your employment status changes from “in a relationship” to “looking for new opportunities” you are far behind where you need to be. Continue Reading

Suki Shah CEO of is a true trailblazer and is really reinventing the way employers and job seekers connect in today’s digital world.

The importance of video

Job hunters have been sold on ineffective job boards and many find the process of applying online, frustrating and ineffective in landing themselves a job. Similarly, employers are frustrated by systems that are unable to select viable candidates for them. Continue Reading →

Over 25 years of employer post-interview debriefings has proven to me the disconnect that exists between the ways job seekers describe themselves in interviews and the level of position they are seeking. The job seekers/candidates did so even when they were briefed prior to their interview by my headhunter team to follow the appropriate interview protocol. They still ignored the advice or simply reverted back to old habits. Unfortunately, those candidates ended up kissing their opportunities for great jobs goodbye and I guarantee, you will too if you do not follow the following advice.

Interviewers are expecting a certain type of descriptive lingo based on the level of seniority of the applicant or candidate. In other words they are expecting you as an applicant or a candidate to describe competencies appropriate to your level of seniority. My observations are bolstered by a research report: Career Advisory Board Job Preparedness Indicator. The report was created by The Career Advisory Board and presented recently by DeVry University and Harris Interactive. Here are some of the findings from this comprehensive survey:

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