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Job Search Program
OSPE - Panic Free Job Search

The OSPE Job Search Program in partnership with Transition to Hired is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to write an impactful resumé and cover letter, access the hidden job market, impress potential employers and recruiters, make connections in your field and successfully land a position that meets your needs.

This program consists of several workshops offered through live stream or video on demand.   


The Resume that Gets Results – Sign up

Are you frustrated by submitting endless applications? Do you want more interviews?
If your resumé is not helping you land an interview, it most likely needs tweaking. But even if you have a great resumé, it may not always get seen by employers. In this workshop, you will learn how to develop a winning resumé that gets through screening software and helps you to successfully land an interview.
By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:
• Write targeted resumés that grab the reader’s attention in less than 30 seconds;
• Deconstruct job descriptions to customize your resumé for the position, backed up by proof of execution and results, and help you prepare for an interview;
• Expertly apply keywords and phrases within your resumé, and eliminate classic formatting errors;
• Successfully influence the short-listing of your job application by getting to the right decision maker.

Acing the engineering interview – Sign up

Successful job candidates know how to keep their interviewer engaged and how to begin “closing the deal”. Unfortunately, most engineers succumb to common interviewing mistakes that hurt their chances of progressing further with the potential employer. This workshop will help you to recognize the most common mistakes engineers make during a job interview and show you how to develop strategies for avoiding those traps when you’re put on the spot in an interview.
By the end of this workshop, you will know how to:
• Build trust and rapport with your interviewer;
• Position yourself to be unique and a rare gem – no matter what your background is;
• Answer common interview questions differently than your competitors and that impress your interviewer;
• Answer behavioural interview questions that leave no doubt that you are the best candidate for the job;
• Make a lasting impression by following RICC: researching and getting the right knowledge about your interviewer, the employer company, and its competitors. 

Making LinkedIn Work for You Sign up

LinkedIn has become one of the most important tools employers and recruiters use to find and screen potential hires. In this workshop, you will learn how to create a strong online presence, build a professional network, and engage with contacts who visit your profile.

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:
• Optimize your profile so you can be found within LinkedIn and by other search engines;
• Know what to say to connect with decision makers (i.e. CEOs, Vice Presidents, and Directors) on LinkedIn, and how to follow-up the initial connection to generate a dialogue or preliminary interview.
• Drive employers or recruiters to your profile, and engage them when visiting your profile to generate an interview;
• Utilize LinkedIn to get the information you need to ace the interview; 

Beyond the traditional Job Search Sign up

Most employers receive more than 300 applications for each job posting. If you are relying solely on your resume to get an interview, you might not get one. In this session, you will learn how to access the hidden job market, craft a message that stands out, and get direct responses from key decision makers, whether they’re the hiring manager, director, Vice-President of Engineering, or CEO. Join us to find out how to get an interview, even if no job has been posted. At the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Determine which companies to target in your job search;
  • Find and get contact information for the right decision makers;
  • Develop a message template you can use for LinkedIn, emails, letters and telephone calls;
  • Easily create and customize your marketing letters;
  • Take advantage of the power of “a hook”?, a unique selling proposition, and a clear call to action when speaking with decision makers. 

WHO SHOULD ATTEND – Unemployed and any active job hunters, Underemployed professionals, Employed professionals seeking a promotion or a job change, Professionals new to Canada, New graduates


I attended OSPE’s Module 1 & 2 and look forward to Module 3. These excellent modules are presented by Paul Hill and Transition to Hired via live stream. I have found them to be very insightful and helpful. These modules confirmed much of what I suspected from my own job searching experience. That being that even a good resume is not enough to get noticed. You need to create and effectively use the right supporting documentation. I have been employing the techniques taught in Module 1 and as a result have noticed significant changes in my LinkedIn Profile views. As of today I rank in the top 3% for profile views among professionals like me, up from the top 20% 30 days ago. Module 2 covered several guidelines regarding how best to lay out your resume so that you can get noticed by the ATS systems that so many large companies use today. More specifically, I learned the importance of backing-up my skills with the right context, showing where I used those skills and what the results were. As Paul said, we need to “show not just tell” what we have done. Our skills are only as useful as the context we put them in; otherwise there is no differentiation among the job-seekers.

On July 20th, I look forward to streaming Module 3 live from the comfort of my own home so that I can avoid the traffic during the Pan-Am Games. Module 3 is set to focus on the use of marketing letters to approach companies that do not currently have job postings. I highly recommend these modules as they are designed specifically for the professional engineering community, and are relevant to both new grads as well as seasoned individuals looking for new opportunities. I wish the best of luck to all who are either searching for a job or looking to transition…Tanya

I want to thank you for having the foresight to bring Paul Hill and his training to OSPE. I attended the OSPE Get Hired event on September 30th and in less than one month I have some great news. I had started to lose hope after being unemployed for a year. Paul and Navgeet’s training and following through on their professional advice directly resulted in me getting a job offer. Paul was always available to me to answer any question after the training and give me extra coaching plus he also has a Meetup twice a month, which I attended, he does it in partnership with Microsoft (yes Microsoft!) and it is open to all engineers –it is not about software- it is about career management and job search. His training really makes a difference it is valuable, even critical, because job search keeps evolving and more engineers from OSPE should get to know about his training and Meetup because I had no knowledge of all this and it could have saved me a year of agony. I am very thankful for this course and I hope OSPE helps out more engineers with this training; we need more help like this…Josh

Transition to Hired has done wonders for my career search. I am now focused squarely on pursuing a career in the profession I’ve always wanted to work in. In just two months, I’ve had five interviews and another two are in the offing. Using the social media skills that I learned, my LinkedIn profile is now drawing substantially more traffic than before, helping me to effectively broadcast who I am and how I can meet the needs of potential employers. If you are serious about landing your dream job then Transition to Hired will teach you everything you need to know to do it!…Aaron

Just wanted to thank you for offering this workshop is OSPE members. After only one week since the in class workshop, I already have an interview from using the tools I learned from Paul and Nav! Thanks again and hopefully this workshop is offered again for more people…Tiffany

I attended Paul’s Boot Camp this past week and read his excellent book “The Panic Free Job Search”. Paul is a highly enthusiastic motivational individual with a solid base of skills that anyone in a career transition can utilize to their advantage. Paul knows and has the correct “TOOLS” to prepare a person for the ultimate job search. Paul is passionate about what he preaches and his support continues later on after Boot Camp is completed. I recommend any individual that is in a career transition to speak directly to Paul to obtain his great professional advice and to tap into his skillset…Mark

It’s been an incredibly busy couple of weeks for me – I recently received an offer and have been filling out paperwork as well as immigration documents. Since I will be travelling a lot I needed to get a US visa so it’s been a little more hectic than just signing a contract. I’ll be working at Mortenson Construction – an American construction company with a head office in Mississauga. They frequently part of wind farm construction so those are the types of projects I’ll be initially working on. So to close off – I would like to thank you both for your support and help throughout the past few months. It has been invaluable. I wish you success in your future workshops and endeavors…Alyssa

I got to know Paul through OSPE and found him a professional who is very passionate about helping others to succeed. Paul’s methodology is great and his approach toward the job market and job search is quite effective and just to the point. I’d recommend him to all job seekers, specifically those new to the market/country…Mostafa

Thank you very much for the information; it will definitely be very useful as preparation for an interview. Let me tell you that the workshop was really useful, practical, inspirational and, at the same time, enjoyable…Fernando

I just wanted to say many thanks to you both for the information packed seminar on Thursday. This was the only course I’ve ever taken in the subject area of resumes, job searching, LinkedIn etc. , and the refresher on the ”hiring mindset” was great to have…Ross

Thank you so much for the workshop! You and Paul really helped me a lot in understanding how the job search process works…Wilfred

Thanks for a wonderful presentation last Thursday and taking the additional time to help us with our assignments…John

“I am an OPSE member and I attended Paul Hill’s Ultimate Job Search Boot Camp. I was very impressed and walked away with tons of value. I found that Paul is very sincere and strongly believes in what he does. The training does not end at the 2 day program but his support continues long after, with a step by step plan and coaching. I had been in transition for a while and though I knew where I wanted to go I just did not know how to get there . Paul and Navgeet provided me with the tools and the structure, and more importantly, a more positive mindset, that I needed to get my job search back on track. Sending our resumes to online job postings just does not seem to work for the majority of professionals in transition and the strategies, tools, and tactics delivered by Paul are great. The future looks bright and I highly recommend the job search program to everyone seeking a step-up in their career or to land their next job.”…Alwyn


Paul Hill - Job Search Boot CampPaul Hill – Paul Hill is a job search pioneer and transformational career coach who has spearheaded projects recognized by industry as ground breaking in the areas of job search, social networking and professional career coaching. He is a career management professional, job search trainer and author of the bestselling book The Panic Free Job SearchHis work has appeared in major media outlets, including CBC, ABC, CTV and Globe and Mail. Paul delivers professional development and career training for professional associations, including the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE), The American Society of Quality (ASQ), and the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario (CPAO). He is the principal of Transition to Hired where he helps professionals in transition land new employment through his Private Client Services practice.

Navgeet Bajaj - Job Search Boot CampNavgeet Bajaj – Navgeet is an accomplished scientist who made her mark in Bioanalytical Chemistry. After undergoing a career set back through a surprise lay-off she applied the best practices in job search developed by Paul Hill and landed a great job which culminated in a life long ambition of getting her name in the esteemed scientific publication Nature. The angst she felt during that last job search compelled her to leave her job after a year and share her personal journey with other displaced professionals. She co-founded Transition to Hired and now coaches professionals on how to adjust quickly to downsizing and get their careers back on track. Navgeet holds a M.Sc. in Biochemistry and a Master in Health Care Administration.

You can reach Paul at 416-502-2545 and Navgeet at 416-825-1933.